Forex Broker Support

Forex Broker Support

We specialize in supporting forex brokers with Business Process Outsourcing.
Expand your business and reduce fixed costs by engaging to support your existing teams or completely manage business processes, including Client Support, Back Office, Finance, and Accounting.
Prixim FX ( ) was formed in 2017 by a team of FX industry veterans. Our combined experience in the FX & CFD industry exceeds 10 years and as we grow, this number increases. We come from a diverse background which includes sales, technology, and marketing. Because of the diverse nature of our backgrounds, we offer a unique perspective on the market that few have. 

Our commitment is to provide our clients with competitively-priced & reliable customer support outsourcing to ensure that their companies are running as efficiently as possible! To keep true to this motto, we always dedicate the designated infrastructure & staffing towards each process and client so we can fully focus on giving the most quality customer care possible.
Prixim FX (, our Sales & Support Services offers continuously improving customer experience. Whether via voice, email or chat, our highly skilled professionals are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Multi Dimension Approach

  • Multilingual Customer Support.
  • KYC & On Boarding.
  • Remote technical Support.
  • Welcome Programs.
  • Back-Office Support Activities.
  • Social Media Solutions

Sales programs

  • Inbound and Outbound sales.
  • KYC & On Boarding.
  • Customer retention programs.
  • Win-back and loyalty programs.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell sales.
  • On Request Call Support

Brand awareness

  • Cold calling.
  • Prospecting.
  • Lead campaigns.