Finance & Accounting

Prixim follows a Lean Digital  approach that harnesses design-thinking methods, Lean principles that enable end-to-end process redesign, and advanced digital technologies, underpinned by domain knowledge. Prixim Systems of Engagement  for Finance and Accounting create an agile technology layer that complements existing systems of records, providing enterprise-wide continuity of information and operations. This suite of solutions includes modules for order to cash, procure to pay (P2P), and record to report (R2R) to cover key F&A activities, end-to-end, including credit, invoicing, collections, cash, payables, and financial close processes. These solutions easily integrate into any existing ERP systems environment.

Development, budgeting, and anticipating

We help businesses optimize their planning components by linking annual budgets to strategic plans. We design forecasts that provide realistic updates on performance, and are driven from expected operational outcomes. We partner with clients to generate business insights through predictive analytics, what-if analysis, and simulations to uncover opportunities and risks.

Management reporting

We leverage a report rationalization framework based on advanced data techniques and rich visualization to focus on the areas that matter. We help organizations rationalize their reporting to provide scalable reporting strategies driven by business needs.   

Income statement analysis

We leverage analytics to comprehensively examine cost and revenue components across multiple dimensions, which enables us to understand variances and provide actionable business insights for performance improvement.

Balance sheet/Cash Flow Analysis

We proactively identify changes in a company’s financial position to avoid reporting errors, and identify performance opportunities to help maintain competitive advantage.

In addition to  deploying Systems of Engagement—a thin layer of technology that sits on top of systems of record and integrates with clients’ multiple ERP systems.

Designing target operating models and building business partnering capability

We specialize in designing EPM target operating strategies for the right service placement. Our center of excellence design approach enables effective service delivery and provides business partnering capabilities for better decision making.

Zero-based budgeting

We identify key performance indicators, basic diagnostics metrics for spend, volume and price that are customized to an organization’s environment and spend policies, for increased expense transparency and faster corrective actions.