Prixim Fx CRM


Customer Relationship Management is of main importance in your business growth and development, especially if our business is related to Forex the significance of CRM increases many folds.
Prixim FX CRM has developed a robust CRM System to meet the CRM demands on an enterprise level.  Our experts are worked for developing the most reliable and efficiently functioning Prixim FX CRM community.
Moreover, understanding the demands of Forex industry we have optimized the customer relationship management system. This system enables Forex brokers to get ample leads from all potential traders. It also helps in taking care of assigns for sales agents.

Prixim FX CRM  system is a great tool to boost sales. The CRM system interface permits users to generate emails from the system itself and keeps track of all communication that you may revert too later on for review. This unique Forex CRM system is easy to use and operate.

Once you sign in you may need to interact with the agents a little, the custom logic in Prixim FX CRM will take care of all leads and account history on its own without any intervention from your side. It will update you about new leads and proceedings from inside the trader’s room. The regular updates will notify you if any action is required on some tasks. This new system will help you handle your Forex business efficiently.

Your personal management at hand with Prixim FX CRM suite,manage each role performed by each department whether its financial or compliance, employee or client, you have the benefit of control.

Daily tracking from financial to performance to marketing, have the power of insights in realtime, keep track of leads, customers, employees and finances in one dashboard.

Administrate your departments and your employee roles in your company as well as users using your system.

Complete control of your business pay-outs, marketing funds, as well as company funding such as deposits, withdrawals, credit- in and out, a financial planner and administer in one tab.

A unique reporting system, each data entered is reported and categorized depending on the brokers well, whether its marketing or finance, funding or managing, a one of a kind reporting system.

A system designed for elevating brokers, having the capability of exposing a company in a short matter of time, whether its partnerships or IBs, emails, or landing-pages, everything a marketer dreams of.